Have you obtained a “Real ID” driver’s license yet? By October 2020 you will have to have a Real ID compliant driver’s license/ID card (or valid passport) to board even domestic flights or access federal buildings. The process to obtain the Real ID certification is mildly inconvenient for most people, but for people it is more complex. Last summer I helped a gentleman through the process of a legal name change because his birth certificate did not match the name he used in every aspect of his life. There are numerous stories out of Kansas where a name change has been necessary to obtain the Real ID certification.

You need proof of identity, legal status, social security number, and two documents showing you are a resident of the state in which you are making the application. All the submitted documents should have the same name. Couples may need to check their utility accounts and make sure that they both have two accounts with their name on it, spelled correctly and matching their ID. Women who changed their name upon marriage should have certified copies marriage license documenting each change.

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