Put Your Ducks In a Row

Life and Estate Planning is the systematic approach to preserving your voice, protecting your loved ones and using your assets according to your wishes. It does not require vast wealth or advanced age, only the recognition that your legacy has worth and value.

The issues faced by a recent graduate are not the same as those of a mother of three or an empty-nester. Therefore, a Life and Estate Plan should not be cookie-cutter documents or plans carved in stone.  Rather, your Life and Estate Plan should evolve and reflect your changing life. At Schroeder Larsen Law, our comprehensive plans are based on your unique life circumstances, your goals and priorities, and the legal tools available.

Putting your “ducks in a row” leaves you in control, even when you can’t speak or act. You can anticipate challenges for those you may leave behind and shelter them beyond your lifetime. You can smooth the way and provide a lasting legacy.

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