Young Adults and the Privacy Barrier

Stepping into adulthood and turning 18 is a much-anticipated milestone for parents and their children. Young adults look forward to acquiring control and privacy over their own lives. The expansion of a child’s rights into adult status comes at the expense of the control and rights parents have held since the child’s birth. In an emergency, unprepared parents will be surprised to find themselves blocked from information and decision making. They are now “legal strangers” to their child, just as they are from a neighbor. At that point, they may have to seek appointment as a guardian of their child in order to participate in making decisions regarding their child’s care. They may also require appointment as a conservator to manage their child’s finances. Neither of these options are ideal compared to being at their child’s side and seamlessly stepping into their shoes until they are once again able to care for themselves.

The Foundations Plan for young adults allows them to exercise that decision-making control and effectively nominate the person of their choice as an agent under a HIPAA compliant Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney and a general Durable Power of Attorney for financial decisions.

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