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Putting a plan in place to protect yourself and your loved ones requires thinking about the unknown. About scary times and sad situations. It can feel risky and vulnerable to talk about these subjects. You don’t need more to worry about. If you have never needed to work with an attorney, making that call can feel like one more step into the unfamiliar. One more bit of stress.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Your life & estate planning attorney should be the bridge between the unfamiliar legal world and the lives you want to protect. Look around and learn how your estate plan can ease your worries. When you are ready, we are here to work with you.

Kirsten Schroeder Larsen, Attorney at Law

Testimonials & Featured Clients

We highly recommend Kirsten as an outstanding estate planning attorney. She offered a choice of possible options at reasonable prices, then she listened and provided our option with a conscientious and detailed approach. She was informative in her response to questions and innovative at finding solutions to atypical requests. We feel grateful that as a result of her knowledge, our final documents are even more comprehensive and thorough than we had originally hoped. She exceeded our expectations.

– Tom & Judy

I can heartily recommend Kirsten Schroeder-Larsen who has served our estate planning needs for several years now. She has a wealth of experience and is quick to respond to any planning/elder care questions. I have enjoyed working with her immensely. I recently had to obtain some estate planning documents/elder care documents with a quick turn around. Kirsten provided the assistance I needed within a 24 hour window. I cannot say enough good things about Kirsten and her services. She has been a godsend for my family.

– Susan H.

Kirsten is an excellent estate planning attorney. She is is caring and meticulous. She looks at the big picture but also sweats the small stuff. Her services are reasonably priced, and she is well like by her clients. I heartily recommend her.

– Ralph M.

Kirsten is an amazing resource for making sure you are prepared for when life happens. She is generous with her advice and commitment to the community. Pay attention to her advice on the documents you need and jump on board to how she can help you and your family get organized--it is the most important thing you can do!

– Deb F.

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