Life & Estate Planning: Protecting Yourself
and Those You Love

About Schroeder Larsen Law, PA

I know that talking about “what if” can be hard, especially when it comes to death or long-term disability. Daily we hear about families tragically affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic, and our ability to ignore “what if” is stretched thin.

I have a family of my own. I remember the challenge and fear of wondering who would raise my babies if I could not be there. I know the superstitious dread of watching my child sign his driver’s license to be an organ donor. I feel the anxiety of trying to find the safe path through the pandemic so my children, now in college and high school, can make it through to the adult life that seemed so certain just a few months ago.

I have helped hundreds of families and individuals through the planning process. I will help you build a plan that protects what or who is important to you now and is flexible in the face of the future.

Since opening my first practice in 1996 I have been family focused. Estate planning may sound like something for the “1%” but it is important for everyone. Your life, your personal choices, your values, and your loved ones are worthy of protection. I will help you find the right options for you.

Kirsten Schroeder Larsen, Attorney at Law