Life & Estate Planning: Protecting Yourself
and Those You Love

About Schroeder Larsen Law, PA

I know talking about incapacity and death can be hard. There are so many unknowns and what ifs. The recent pandemic showed us though, that life can change dramatically and unexpectedly. Being prepared makes it easier to deal with those situations. 

I have a family of my own and I remember the fear of wondering who would raise my babies if I couldn’t be here. I recall the shiver of superstition I felt when my child signed his organ donor card. I know the anxiety of having children far away and helping them navigate difficult adult challenges. I know that having the documents in place may not shield us, but they will make working through certain problems easier than they would be otherwise.

Since opening my first practice in 1996, I have helped hundreds of families and individuals through the planning process. I can help you build a plan that protects what is important now and is flexible in the face of the future. Your life, your personal choices, your values, and your loved ones are worthy of protection. I will help you find the right options for you.

Kirsten Schroeder Larsen, Attorney at Law